New Exhibition at the Ruskin Library

Coming of Age: Ruskin’s Drawings from the 1840-41 Tour
24 April-9 September 2017

A new exhibition which brings together a vivid visual account of the Ruskin family travels.

The first picture in the exhibition is Charles Vernet’s ‘Les Voyageurs Anglais’ c.1825 – kindly lent from a private collection – which gives a good idea of the Ruskin family’s mode of transport on their early tours abroad

As Ruskin recalled in his autobiography ‘Praeterita’:

‘For a family carriage of solid construction . . . four horses were of course necessary to get any sufficient way on it; and half-a-dozen such teams were kept at every post-house . . . As a rule there were four steady horses and a good driver, rarely drunk, often very young, the men of stronger build being more useful for other work, and any clever young rider able to manage the well-trained and merry-minded beasts, besides being lighter on their backs .. .’

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New exhibition at the Ruskin Library

Gilded Shadows: the stones of Ruskin’s Venice

14 October – 16 December 2016

Ruskin’s first visit to Venice was in 1835 at the age of 16. The city, which he visited 11 times, had a lifelong influence on him, both emotionally and intellectually. Initially seduced by its romantic beauty, he later chose to undertake a far deeper study of its history, art and architecture than anyone had previously attempted, in his three volume major work The Stones of Venice. This exhibition shows highlights of his work from different visits side by side with recent photographs by renowned photographer of Venice, Sarah Quill. Her 40 years recording the architecture and daily life of Venice in photographs rivals Ruskin’s own fascination with, and dedication to, this beautiful city.

Image (c) Ruskin Foundation (Ruskin Library, Lancaster University)


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Heritage Open Days 8-10 September 2016

The Ruskin Library will be open for Heritage Open Days on 8th-10th September (Thursday-Saturday). For Details see…/…/ruskin-library

Ruskin Library

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Ruskin Library and Google Cultural Institute

An exciting new development for the Ruskin Library!

The Ruskin Library is now a partner in the Google Cultural Institute – from today, high resolution images of a selection of our pictures can be found at the Google Cultural Institute,…/…/the-ruskin-library, along with a virtual tour of the Library in Street View.

1996P1100 - 100dp small sizei

(image (c) Ruskin Foundation (Ruskin Library, Lancaster University)

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New publication from the Ruskin Library

New Publication from the Ruskin Library

‘It cannot be better done’: John Ruskin and Albrecht Durer

A revised version of Stephen Wildman’s Inaugural Lecture, May 2009 (Professor of History of Art, Lancaster University).

To order:


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Ruskin Review and Bulletin – Spring 2016

The latest edition of the Ruskin Review and Bulletin (Spring 2016, volume 12/1) is now available.

It includes articles by Andrew Hill and David Ingram, and a tribute to Van Akin Burd by James S. Dearden.

To purchase, go to


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Power of Hills: Ruskin’s Mountains

18 April – 23 September 2016

Power of Hills: Ruskin’s Mountains

Some of Ruskin’s finest drawings and watercolours of mountain landscape, from childhood visits to the Alps in the 1830s to tours undertaken in the 1860s in the footsteps of Turner, and subjects in and around his later home at Brantwood in the Lake District.

This drawing of Mount Vesuvius is from 1841 – in a diary entry for 10 January he writes: “there was no wind, and the air quite mild. Vesuvius lay under a pall of white clouds, its own smoke mixing with them in magnificent changing volumes.”

1996P1080 100dpi crop

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