New Exhibition – Ruskin and the Sacred

The Ruskin Library’s exhibition Ruskin and the Sacred explores a variety of ways in which the sacred plays a part in John Ruskin’s life and work.  The exhibition brings together work by Ruskin, including examples of his drawings and studies, letters and books from his library, alongside the work of friends and family and paintings that he commissioned.  It demonstrates Ruskin’s approach to both art and nature and looks to his wider social concerns, with his belief that “there is no Wealth but Life”.   

The expression of the sacred is considered with examples of religious subjects in art, and with landscape pictures and mountain studies.  The display includes detailed drawings of churches and cathedrals, studies of sacred sculpture and the work of Angelo Alessandri, Raffaele Carloforti and Charles Fairfax Murray.   Also included are Ruskin’s notable life-size copy of Zipporah, after Botticelli (right), the Study of the central portion of Tintoretto’s ‘Crucifixion’ and the North West Porch of St. Mark’s, Venice.

Open until 14 December 2012

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