Returned triumphant: Loans to the exhibition John Ruskin, Artist and Observer

Returned triumphant: watercolours and drawings lent to the exhibition John Ruskin: Artist and Observer

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 14 February – 11 May 2014
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 4 July – 28 September

The Ruskin Library (Ruskin Foundation) was the largest single lender to the recent exhibition of Ruskin drawings and daguerreotypes, the most comprehensive since the Tate Britain centenary exhibition in 2000.  This reflects the standing of the Ruskin Library in holding the most important collection of Ruskin’s work in the world.

All 49 loans (out of 132 items) are shown in this display, including ten of the twelve daguerreotype photographs used in the exhibition to emphasise Ruskin’s concentration on drawing and recording what he saw, as a means of understanding both nature and human endeavour, especially in the finest Gothic architecture of northern Europe.

Several of the most celebrated works from the Whitehouse Collection are displayed, including The Walls of Lucerne (1866), Vineyard Walk, Lucca (1874) and The North-West Porch of St. Mark’s, Venice (1877).  This is a rare chance to see these together, alongside others covering the whole range of Ruskin’s life and interests, over nearly half a century.

1996P1206 Chamonix, Mer de Glace

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