New Exhibition – Towers and Turrets

Towers and Turrets

Ruskin’s first concerted effort to observe details of towers was in the years 1832 – 1837.

Careful observation of all aspect of ‘the architecture of nations‘ resulted in one of his earliest published works The Poetry of Architecture, published in parts in the Architectural Magazine 1837 and 1838. His tour of 1835 and 1837 produced copious studies of church towers and market square across Britain and Europe, and this collection holds a wealth of these early works. Later tours abroad saw an emerging interest in detailed studies of the church architecture, such as his study of Rouen Cathedral, and a love of Swiss and German towns. The towers of Fribourg, the walls of Lucerne, the beauty of Baden appear again and again through the vast range and diversity of his interests. Towers and turrets remain a constant theme throughout his work whether as individual studies or as part of the wider landscape.

Open until 30 September 2015

Tower and Wall, Fribourf

Tower and Wall, Fribourg

Tower at Thun

Tower at Thun

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