New Exhibition at the Ruskin Library

Coming of Age: Ruskin’s Drawings from the 1840-41 Tour
24 April-9 September 2017

A new exhibition which brings together a vivid visual account of the Ruskin family travels.

The first picture in the exhibition is Charles Vernet’s ‘Les Voyageurs Anglais’ c.1825 – kindly lent from a private collection – which gives a good idea of the Ruskin family’s mode of transport on their early tours abroad

As Ruskin recalled in his autobiography ‘Praeterita’:

‘For a family carriage of solid construction . . . four horses were of course necessary to get any sufficient way on it; and half-a-dozen such teams were kept at every post-house . . . As a rule there were four steady horses and a good driver, rarely drunk, often very young, the men of stronger build being more useful for other work, and any clever young rider able to manage the well-trained and merry-minded beasts, besides being lighter on their backs .. .’

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