Heritage Open Day, 9 September 2017

The Ruskin Library will be open on Saturday 9th September as part of Heritage Open Days. Come and have a look at our building, an exhibition of Ruskin’s drawings and take part in a drawing workshop in the Gallery – no need to book, just walk in!

It will also be the last day of the ‘Coming of Age’ exhibition. It includes this beautiful drawing of Amalfi by John Ruskin he described it in his diary:

‘Saw no more of Amalfi than I sketched but that was glorious. Far above all I ever hoped, when I first leaped off the mule, in the burning sun of the afternoon, with the light behind the mountains, the evening mist doubling their height – I never saw anything, in its way, at all comparable. … In largeness of feature, and richness of foliage, it was far inferior to the Genoa coast; but as pieces of mere rock, as finished bits of cliff coast, unrivalled.’ (Diary, 11 March 1841; D 1.164)

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