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A holiday in the English Lake District?

‘… take knapsack and stick, walk towards the hills by short day’s journeys,—ten or twelve miles a day—taking a week from some starting-place sixty or seventy miles away: sleep at the pretty little wayside inns, or the rough village ones; … Continue reading

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Ruskin’s Weather

“But, Ruskin, what is the use of painting such very bad weather?”  And I had no answer, except that, for Copley Fielding and for me, there was no such thing as bad weather, but only different kinds of pleasant weather … Continue reading

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Happy New Year …

“I wish you a sweet Year – not too New. Because the old Years have been very good to us; and I shouldn’t like this one to be very different and altogether New.” John Ruskin [to Joan Severn], 31st December … Continue reading

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On the present economic situation:

‘The immense difficulty of getting a consistently good thing done – and ease of doing a bad thing.  To establish a national debt – how easy – but a national store – of Wealth – how difficult.  People all call … Continue reading

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